Full Moon Horoscope in Aquarius: What Tonight’s Full Moon Means for YOUR sign

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Saturday is conjunct with Pluto and Saturn, where Aquarius is the sign of the Saturn people and Pluto symbolizes power. The people and the collective, and the power of the crowd to influence our heart’s desire (symbolized by the Sun in Leo) is the general theme of this week’s horoscopes. Express.co.uk chatted with astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out what tonight’s Full Moon means for your sign.


This Full Moon is in your 11th house and it calls attention to the fact that your friends and your desire to fit in can influence the way you express yourself in a way that may actually hamper your expression.

What you want to activate right now is your ability to stay strong in your power, to express who you are, and to be selective with your friends.

Understand that by being yourself (which is very important to Aries) you are empowering and giving permission for everyone else to be themselves.


Taurus, your sovereign Venus is in Virgo and she has entered the sector of your theme dedicated to fun, play and creativity.

When you have fun and do what you love, you can thrive.

With the Moon in your 10th house, everything revolves around your legacy – how do you remember yourself, how do you want to be remembered and where do you shine professionally?

When you can take responsibility for yourself and not feel the need to please everyone, you will thrive.

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Gemini, the Full Moon is in your ninth house.

Your sovereign Mercury is in Cancer, opposing Pluto and you wonder what you value and if you accept the authority of others.

It encourages you to post, broadcast, learn, speak, teach, educate, travel, and expand your horizons in a way that is not inhibited by the differing opinions of others.

It’s about learning to be true and proud of your colors, because only then can we have genuine communication, and only then can we truly develop.


Cancer, the Moon in Aquarius appeals to a side of your nature that you often don’t connect with.

It’s stimulating the part of you that rationalizes and pulls away rather than delving into your feelings.

Sometimes it’s the fear of not being able to understand that keeps people from thinking for themselves and trusting their feelings.

It is very important to explore the ideas that are with you in your quiet moments during this Full Moon.

These ideas are intuitive nudges and there you will find the base you are looking for.


Leo, this Full Moon is in your relationship sector.

This part of your theme has been refined over the past year as you reconsider who you are and what you want in a relationship, as well as what it is like to feel and to be loved.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn, make sure that the issues you perceive in your relationships are not projections from yourself.

Limiting beliefs will manifest if you focus on them, so decide who you want to engage with, what engagement means to you personally as opposed to what others can expect from you and enjoy the release of being faithful. to yourself.


This Full Moon is in the area of ​​your chart which concerns health and daily routine.

Your sovereign mercury is in Cancer, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts, desires, emotions, and goals of your friends and immediate network.

On this Full Moon, the opportunity is to set your own routines and health goals based on your independent feelings and research.

Now is the perfect time to start a new health boost and perfect your already brilliant routines.

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This Full Moon is in your fifth house and your sovereign Venus is in your 12th.

There could be an interaction of your unconscious desires and they could reveal what you really, really want to do.

What do you like? Who do you like to spend your time with? Who are your friends?

Gambling is important right now and you need to focus on what you personally love and want to participate in rather than conforming and pleasing people for an easy life.

Enjoy the liberating experience of doing what you love.

When you play and celebrate who you are and your artistic potentials, everyone benefits.


This Full Moon is in your fourth house.

Your ruler is largely in conjunction with the Full Moon, so any power play at home right now with your family members or any challenge that has emerged may come to a head this weekend.

If you have tried to be something that you are not, the time for pretending is over and it will all get better when you are true to yourself and think for yourself.

Don’t be forced to accept what other people think.


Your ruler Jupiter is on the very edge of Pisces, ready to downgrade to Aquarius next week.

He’s cheerful, expansive, slightly over-the-top, and persistent, and gives you faith and optimism before you have to face the facts.

The Full Moon in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius in your third house means that you are focusing more than usual on your words, what you are saying and what you are thinking.

You understand that everything you say and communicate to others is manifesting itself in reality and it is very important to be careful at this time.

Words cast spells, use them wisely.


Your master Saturn is conjunct with this Full Moon in Aquarius in your second house, amplifying you and encouraging you to focus on your self-worth, how you value yourself, what you love about yourself and what you have. to share.

When you are afraid of your unique gifts and fail to share them with the world, you are robbing the world of something powerful, magical, and potentially transformative.

This is a great opportunity for you to tap into your unique gifts, decide what they are, and make sure you share your generosity and abundance with as many people as possible.

Your grounding and reasonable security, whether financial or otherwise, means that you will never be short and that you are a great friend that others can rely on.


This Full Moon is yours and it is the first of two Full Moons for Aquarius this year (the second will be a Blue Moon).

With Saturn in your sign all year round, you have had to overcome many challenges.

There have been very rapid changes and fluctuations, it has been a huge year of transformation – especially for those of you born in January or the first part of February.

With this Full Moon joint with Saturn, it is a manifestation, a release and an opportunity to put into action some of what you have been doing this year.

Use some of the experiences that you have had, part of how you have shaped your world and your reality.

It affects every part of your life, your relationships, and the way people see you.

It is important to be yourself now. You are a unique, independent sign and supposed not to want to fit in with the crowd.

If you need the approval of others, this Full Moon is your opportunity to step back into what you were born to be and be yourself.


This Full Moon is in your twelfth house.

Your dreams, your intuition, your telepathic ability, and your ability to manifest whatever you want in your life are stronger than ever.

What do you want? Your Neptune ruler remains in Pisces, adding to your heightened sense of spiritual connection.

This Full Moon is powerful, so take note of your dreams, do some journaling, focus.

You are a reservoir of information connected to the universe of consciousness and your unique ability to translate what you know through your arts, poetry, words or simply to shape the way you express yourself and conduct yourself with them. others is truly transformative right now, but only if you share it.

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