First Aid Beauty saves recent college graduates struggling with student debt

First Aid Beauty Founder and CEO Lilli Gordon and FAB AID Ambassadors Keke Palmer, Elaine Welteroth and Meena Harris of Phenomenal took to Instagram Live to announce the first group of winners for its 2021 edition. FAB HELP student debt initiative.

Founder and CEO Lilli Gordon on Instagram Live.

The beauty brand announced an initiative in February 2020 to save recent college graduates from the often crushing weight of student loans. After awarding 24 incredible winners in December 2020, First Aid Beauty has expanded the program with the goal of repaying $ 1.5 million in student loans in 2021. The 2021 competition allows for a 10-year eligibility period for graduates of two and four years. undergraduate programs as well as business establishments. As part of the program, First Aid Beauty will award up to $ 100,000 to each winner.

“Last year, we paid off nearly $ 1.3 million in student loans, and we were delighted to hear many winners talk about how FAB AID empowered them to seize new opportunities without debt and without stress, ”Gordon said. “We are delighted to be able to continue this initiative in 2021 and to grant these five deserving individuals the chance to start a new chapter without the burden of student debt. We can’t wait to hear how FAB AID has changed their lives! “

The winners of the first round are:

• Danielle ($ 100,000 reimbursed) – Bronx, NY: Danielle is the daughter of immigrants and the first person in her family to earn a graduate degree. She is a clinical researcher in a pediatric hospital during the day and a pharmaceutical technician focused on the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in the evening. She says cutting her loans would allow her to stop working seven days a week and help her family finally buy a house.

• Kaylah ($ 47,539 paid) – Maple Grove, MN: Kaylah is an art major and creative photographer. A first-generation student, Kaylah received her undergraduate education at the University of Minnesota with the goal of changing the lives of people with disabilities. After graduating this summer, she wants to pursue a career in advertising and cites the need for greater representation of people with disabilities. It is her passion to show the world that a deaf woman like herself is more than capable of taking a leadership position and making decisions.

• Jamelani ($ 52,404 reimbursed) – Eugene, OR: Jamelani grew up in a single parent family in a tough neighborhood and credits sports and her passion for healing others as her motivation to pursue higher education. She currently works as a cardiopulmonary nurse, advocating for improved working conditions, and as a virtual trainer to help people improve physically and mentally. Without student loans, she hopes to create a community scholarship fund and start a family.

• Shelby ($ 26,720 reimbursed) – Campbell, Calif.: Shelby is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara and the University of Minnesota, where she studied public health and epidemiology. She pursues a research career focused on community-based participatory research and aims to help reframe the narrative around often distorted data about marginalized groups.

Additional winners will be announced this fall; applications are open until July 15, 2021, according to FAB, which is owned by Procter & Gamble.

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