Explain the departures of the players and the direction of the team

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

FSU football tries to establish player-led leadership.

If you follow on Twitter you’ve seen my talk a lot lately regarding leadership in the AUS football program.

There have been several departures from the program since Mike Norvell took over. It’s not unusual for a new coach to experience it. After all, these are players he didn’t recruit, and there are a lot of dynamics at play.

Some players decided to leave without giving the new coaching staff a chance, and others either left or were fired before the start of the season.

Other players have left during the season, and a few other players may decide to leave the program.

All of these departures seem to indicate that something is wrong with the program. I took to Twitter to prove the situation was right on Wednesday:

There are a lot of layers to impact here. How did the program get to this point? What is Mike Norvell trying to do with this program from a culture / leadership perspective?

Let’s dive in while you wait to eat on Thanksgiving, and I appreciate your spending time supporting the site.

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