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Three decades ago, the movie “Beauty and the Beast” was released on the big screen. Despite the passage of the years, the story continues and will now turn into a musical series thanks to Disney +. From this plot were born characters as tender as the Chip cut which gave us so much joy. The story, based on a popular French tale, was adapted for film in 1991, in its animated version, and in 2017 with Emma Watson as the protagonist. In the latter appeared Luke Evans and also Josh Gad, who reprise the roles of Gaston and LeFou in the new production. They are joined by Briana Middleton, playing Tilly, Louie’s half-sister.

It will be a prequel to the aforementioned film and will feature eight chapters (the first to be directed by Liesl Tommy) which will be written and produced by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. The plot will take place in a realm that predates the great love story of the Beast and Beauty and will therefore focus on the characters of Gaston and LeFou. They, along with Tilly, embark on an adventure after learning of a surprising event about their past.


Gary Marsh, President and Creative Director of Disney Branded Television says “This series will finally give an answer to all those who have ever wondered how a brute like Gaston and a fool like LeFou could become friends and partners, or how a mystical witch could have fatally bewitched the prince transformed into a beast and this will also cause a new avalanche of questions ”. Filming for the musical prequel will begin in spring 2022 and will feature award-winning Alan Menken as the composer of the soundtrack.

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