Deputy apologizes to boy after his act of kindness was denied

SALT LAKE CITY – A boy’s act of kindness is denied by a sheriff’s deputy who immediately regrets what he did and posts his apologies on social media.

A Utah County MP in a drive-thru queue at In-N-Out Burger in Spanish Fork hears a knock on his driver’s side window.

He rolls down his window. A boy standing by his window says he wants to buy the member’s meal.

“I’m fine. Thank you, though,” MP Greer Haymond replied.

Sincere apologies for the act of kindness rejected by the MP

Haymond later apologized in his video for denying the boy his act of kindness and asking the public for help in finding the child.

“Young man, I want to apologize to you. I haven’t given you the attention, one, you deserve, and two, I want to apologize for denying you an act of kindness. Sorry, I denied you that, ”said Haymond, his voice broken. “If anyone knows who this young man is, please contact me.

“I would love to take this young man to dinner to let him know how great a young man he is. [and] how sorry I am for denying him the opportunity because that’s what we all need right now, these are acts of kindness, ”said Haymond.

Sheriff grateful for MP’s apology

Utah County Sheriff Spencer Cannon joined KSLNewsRadio’s Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic to discuss the incident.

“I have to hand it over to that assistant so he immediately recognized what he did and tried to fix it,” Debbie said.

Sheriff Cannon said Haymond’s video has so far been viewed nearly 4 million times.

“It tells me that people crave these kinds of experiences,” Cannon said.

“The deputy is, you know, a big badass, [but] there was a vulnerability there that I think really spoke to a lot of people. I think that’s why so many people have had such a strong reaction, ”said Dave.

“We were so grateful he did this,” the sheriff said. “He’s the kind of guy he is. He has a heart of gold. And so it’s not unusual for him to think and act this way.

“When law enforcement behaves badly, it makes the news, and it should. It’s true, but we don’t want people to overgeneralize that all law enforcement is like that. I think what MP Haymond did and how he responded is more representative of law enforcement than what we see so often, ”Cannon said.

Family and MP meet again

“Say,” said Debbie, “will Deputy Haymond have this opportunity to buy this little boy a meal?”

“Yes he is. The little boy’s mother… Contacted Deputy Haymond with a private message,” Cannon said. “They had a conversation and they will meet again later this week.

“Sure, we would all love to see that, but the family just felt like it was a little overwhelming and ‘We just want this to stay between us and Deputy Haymond.” We’re going to honor that, but this It really is a touching story, we are just thankful that we made it work for us, ”Cannon said.

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