Deephaven and Lender Price Work Together to Help Correspondents Enter the Non-QM Market


CHARLOTTE, NC & PASADENA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Non-QM lender Deephaven and Lender Price today announced a strategic alliance that will allow correspondents to offer more out-of-branch products. The move comes as more lenders approach Deephaven from the non-QM market.

The partnership – leveraging Lender Price’s suite of pricing engines and scenarios and Deephaven’s flexible financing solutions – will make it easier for loan officers to serve creditworthy homebuyers who are not eligible for a mortgage. traditional agency. These range from self-employed to high net worth borrowers who do not work full time.

Deephaven innovated new extended premium, non-prime and DSCR products, and needed a better way to enable correspondents to sell them using its pre-existing rapid prequalification and pricing tools. Deephaven and Lender Price have collaborated to make the technology even easier to use so that customers can meet market demand.

“To stay competitive, innovative lenders like Deephaven want to offer off-branch lending products using a pricing engine that promotes rapid innovation in their product offerings. Lender Price is powered by a natural language processing (NLP) -ruleless rules engine that allows correspondent investors to create loan-level pricing and eligibility rules on the fly. Additionally, the non-QM Pricer Lender Price FLEX is customizable, allowing correspondent investors to create their own unique pricing engine for their clients and prospects, ”said Dawar Alimi, Founder, CEO and President of Lender Price.

Lender Price software allows Deephaven to easily update its product and price information without custom development. Correspondents, in turn, will be able to quickly share the latest prices with their loan officers, thereby strengthening their margins, all online.

“Deephaven is committed to helping our channel partners provide exceptionally responsive service and seize new growth opportunities. Lender Price shares this same philosophy, and their dynamic technology will make that philosophy a reality, ”said Shelly Griffin, Senior Vice President, Customer Development, Deephaven.

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About Deephaven

Deephaven is a full-service, multi-channel long-term credit provider in the non-QM space, providing access to financing to millions of underserved customers across the United States. Deephaven was founded in 2012 and has led the reconstruction of the non-government mortgage market. . Please visit for more information.

About the lender’s price

Lender Price is a California-based big data technology innovator and developer of digital mortgage technology, including the digital lending point of sale (POS) tool and advanced pricing and eligibility engine (EPP). ) some products. Lender Price provides all types of mortgage lenders – wholesale and correspondent lenders, banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers – with cutting-edge technology designed to eliminate friction, increase transparency and effectively interact with borrowers. You can find more information about Lender Price and Marketplace at: www.lender Danemark and https://lender chauffage/marketplace/.

You can find more information about FLEX ALL in Decision Suite at: https://lender chauffage/lender-price-launches-the-flex-all-in-decision-suite/.


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