City of Decatur: acts of kindness

October 5, 2021

Acts of kindness occur all around Decatur, improving our lives. If you know or have experienced an act of kindness, the city’s Human Relations Commission would like to know by email.

The first AOK submitted is from Susan Speagle and she wrote –

After reading the article “Sharing Acts of Kindness”, I wanted to share a recent act of kindness in my life. After several years of my husband’s health issues, including many trips to the Mayo Clinic, he recently passed away. In the past on some of these trips we would hire a very kind and responsible young lady in our neighborhood to take care of our potted plants, mail and newspapers. Just two weeks after my husband died, I tripped in my driveway, fracturing two bones in my foot and ankle. This injury forced me not to put any weight on my foot, so I texted the young woman’s grandmother, who lives with the family, to arrange to hire her to help with some of the chores. exterior as it had done in the past. The family were already aware of my predicament and said that they had prayed together about how they could be of help and had decided what they did not want to pay for it. So, for the next seven weeks, this young woman, sometimes accompanied by her mother and two young brothers, collected my mail, my newspapers and watered my plants. Grandma even stepped in when the family was out of town. Besides being a hard worker, she always had a smile and many times asked me how I was and shared how her day had gone. It meant so much to me at such a difficult time in my life (my husband and I would have been married 55 in August). This act of kindness has definitely been a huge blessing for me. Oh, did I mention this young lady is only 11 years old. I am sure she will go a long way in whatever she pursues.

This press release was produced by the City of Decatur. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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