Chiefs News 7/14: Mahomes and Coors Light team up to raise funds


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Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes appears in unique Coors campaign | Forbes

The NFL has strict rules limiting how its active players can endorse alcoholic beverages. So Coors Light found a clever way around the problem by involving Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

During a summer ad campaign beginning Wednesday, Mahomes won’t technically be promoting Coors Light; instead, he will do it for a Coors-branded flashlight called “The Coors Light”.

“It’s a pun. We love the pun,” shared Chris Steele, Chief Marketing Officer of Coors Light, exclusively. “It’s a way for him to have a fun little campaign with Coors Light while playing by all the rules.”

Coors Light sells the flashlight on its website for $15 — which is the quarterback’s number. All proceeds will go to The 15 and The Mahomies Foundation, the quarterback’s charity that focuses on improving the lives of children in needy communities.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes pitches with Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Justin Watson at Texas | Chef’s Wire

Chiefs wideouts Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Justin Watson were spotted catching passes from Mahomes and backing up QB Shane Buechele at Texas. The Chiefs’ Instagram account shared photos on their story of receivers catching passes. The photos were taken by Heather Smith, who regularly photographs players training with APEC’s Bobby Stroupe.

We also know that Mahomes planned to have players in Texas for pitching sessions between mandatory minicamp and training camp.

Le’Veon Bell excited about ‘next chapter’, ‘really enjoyed every year of my NFL journey’ |

A day after saying he wouldn’t be playing football in 2022, Le’Veon Bell released a statement on social media on Wednesday that seemed to imply he was retiring from the NFL because he was “excited for the next chapter. ” of his life and would “only” focus on his “new sport” which is boxing.

Bell, whose Instagram post was accompanied by a photo of him wrapping his hand for boxing practice, was once considered one of the best running backs in the NFL during his time as an All-Pro with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2013-2017. Bell then missed the 2018 season amid a contract dispute with the Steelers and, despite signing a lucrative contract with the New York Jets in 2019, his career has never been the same.

NFL scout compares Tyreek Hill to Steph Curry, ‘so glad’ he’s no longer with Chiefs | Launderer’s report

An anonymous AFC personnel assessor told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that Hill, who was traded to the Miami Dolphins in March, is comparable to one of the best players in the NBA.

“I’m so glad he’s not playing for the Chiefs anymore,” the executive said. “I know they will always be good, but I don’t think they will be the same. You can’t be. That level of speed, he’s like Steph Curry in that he keeps you in every game, keeps you honest, scares you.

What will make the 2022 season a success for Chefs? | The network project

The quest for a seventh consecutive AFC West title is going to be difficult for the Chiefs in 2022. Even if they have to secure a place in the playoffs as a Wild-card team, it is expected that that Kansas City make a superbowl run again. If they want to make the 2022 season a success, the division title is not what matters. The Chiefs need to make another championship, however they can, to be happy with their next season.

Around the NFL

Panthers OT Ickey Ekwonu has no favorite in QB battle: ‘Whoever’s out there, I’ll do whatever I can to keep them safe’ |

However, Ekwonu does not endorse any particular caller. Instead, he supports head coach Matt Rhule and his staff’s decision-making.

“Regardless of the coaching staff, you know, I feel like we’ll be good to go,” Ekwonu told NFL Network’s Jane Slater at the Masterminds Summit, which took place July 6 through Sunday. . “We are all excited to be entering training camp. I feel like we all have faith in the coaching staff and whoever is there, I will do everything I can to keep them safe.

Prosecutor: Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder will not testify under subpoena | ESPN

In a letter, attorney Karen Patton Seymour called “baseless” the committee’s concerns that her client would not disclose information if he did not testify under a subpoena.

On Tuesday, committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (DN.Y.) accepted Snyder’s offer to testify July 28 by videoconference, but said in a letter to Seymour that the committee would issue a subpoena and wanted a response from Snyder before noon today.

Although the subpoena was issued, it was not served on Snyder, who is still overseas, multiple sources said. U.S. Marshals serve subpoenas on behalf of the committee in the United States but, according to a spokesperson, the Marshals Service “does not have the authority to serve a Congressional subpoena internationally.”

Seymour could accept the subpoena on Snyder’s behalf but did not.

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Here’s what can happen if the Chiefs don’t sign a new Orlando Brown deal

Brown may refuse to sign franchise tag

Although Brown is not required to sign his contract offer, most players sign them after the July 15 deadline. The reason is simple: whatever happens, the team retains its rights to the player for the coming season; until the purchase offer is signed, the player cannot sign a contract with another team until at least the next year. The player has until the Tuesday following the Week 10 matches to sign the tender. If they don’t, they can’t play for any team that season – and no matter what, the team has the option of reapplying the franchise tag to them for the following year.

But until the franchise offer is signed, Brown has no obligation to the team. He is not required to show up for training camp – and therefore will not be subject to fines if he misses any part of it. While it’s possible he will delay the signing of the tender in order to avoid some of the Chiefs’ training camp sessions, he will likely sign him before the end of camp; it is in his interest to start the season ready to play at a high level.

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