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There have been nine cities in North Carolina that have adopted protections against LGBTQ discrimination, but the state’s largest city, Charlotte, is not one of them.

Queen’s Town takes one more step after a proposal from Republican Charlotte City Councilor Tariq Bokhari.

Bokhari and the Young Republicans of Mecklenburg County drew up a nondiscrimination ordinance. It offers protections to LGBTQ residents in public housing, employment and housing. The question is personal for Kyle Lubeke, a young Republican from Mecklenburg County who worked on the new ordinance.

“As a gay man, I have been discriminated against in restaurants, guesthouses and financial institutions simply because I am gay. And I know other people who have been discriminated against, ”Lubeke said. “We have been waiting since January. We could have skipped January 1 if we wanted to and, here is June, Pride Month, and we still don’t have a nondiscrimination order.

[City of Charlotte working on nondiscrimination ordinance]

Bokhari said the issue was important to him. He has engaged with the leadership of Raleigh to ensure that there is no fallout similar to what the city experienced with HB2.

“Some people might say, ‘There aren’t enough people. It is a solution in search of a problem. ‘ My Republican response is that one individual is one too many who do not have their freedoms and freedoms, ”Bokhari said.

The ordinance protects more than the LGBTQ community. It offers protections against natural hair discrimination.

Different by Design salon owner Lamonica Cuthbertson said it breaks her heart when people come to her salon and are forced to change their natural hair. She said natural hair protections are long overdue.

“We’re trying to embody your appearance and that’s part of the different design,” she said. “You have to be able to be diverse and express who you are. It’s your individuality, your hair.


On Twitter, Charlotte Pride said protections against discrimination are a non-partisan issue and everyone should be able to come together in efforts to ensure Charlotte is a safer and more welcoming home.

Charlotte City Council will discuss this topic in August.

Click here read the proposed new prescription.

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