Cat lovers rank felines by beauty using the golden ratio

Is there an ugly cat? Devout cat lovers would say: of course not; they are all adorable. But a new study that used beauty’s golden ratio to analyze the facial proportions of popular cat breeds suggests some cats are prettier than others. The results might shock you.

Staff at All About Cats, a cat product comparison site, used feline stock images to measure the facial proportions of 46 of the best-known cat breeds (as they were concerned about ratios, size difference between the images had no impact on the overall result). The cat experts then calculated the numbers with an online golden ratio calculator (you can use it to gauge your own face if you want to be depressed) and ranked the most beautiful to the ugliest cats. “,” According to science. . “

For the uninitiated – or those who refuse to be oppressed by established beauty standards – the Golden Ratio of Beauty is a symmetry algorithm that calculates attractiveness by measuring and comparing the distance between certain points of the body. face, such as eyes, nose and mouth. In its most basic form, the equation divides the length of a face by its width, for which the ideal result should be the constant value of the Greek golden ratio – 1.618. (For the record, this is the standard by which Hyperallergic sizes all images on its home page.)

More complicated measurements of the golden ratio of beauty state that in a “perfect” face, the length of one ear is equal to the length of the nose, and the width of one eye is equal to the distance between the eyes. The ancient Egyptians used it to build the Pyramids; Leonardo da Vinci used it to paint the Mona Lisa; and it is still used today by artists, architects and, yes, plastic surgeons too.

On the list of the most beautiful cats, three breeds tied for first place, all scoring within 0.03 of the approximate golden ratio of 1.62: The royal Norwegian Forest (1.65); athletic Russian blue (1.65); and the common adorable Manx (1.59). These cats typically cost between $ 500 and $ 1,700, with Russian blue being the most expensive, according to the website.

Himalayan idleness (via Wikimedia Commons)

Among the less fortunate breeds, the flat-faced Himalayan cat, a sub-breed of the Siamese, was deemed the most “ugly” breed by a landslide. His squashed nose and large sullen eyes are partly responsible for his golden ratio at 56.87. But aren’t these attributes an essential part of her fluffy charm?

The Himalayas are followed by the Peterbald which, it must be admitted, looks … different. His large, pointy ears and triangular dog-shaped face earned him a golden ratio of 18.6. First bred in 1994, the Peterbald is a cross of two equally odd breeds: the totally bald Donskoy and the Oriental Shorthair, famous for their tiny face and oversized ears.

A Peterbald (left) and a Persian (right) (courtesy All About Cats)

Last in the ranking of “ugliest” casts is glamorous Persian with a ratio of 5.87. Although similar to the Himalayas, it has been around for thousands of years and can even be seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics. He is known to be even-tempered and dignified and, again, the smashed little face and pimple nose were not helpful in the analysis.

These results are, of course, ironic as the Himalayas and Persians and some of the most expensive and sought after cat breeds. A Himalayan costs between 200 and 3000 dollars and the Persian between 1300 and 3000 dollars. Prices for the relatively rare Peterbald start at $ 1,700. Aside from money, these three races are also known for their affection and loyalty to humans. How dare we call them “ugly”? Plus, as animal rights activists remind us: Adopt, Don’t Buy!

All that will show that defining beauty by mathematical equations is a false premise. The beauty that you see in others, including cats, is a reflection of the beauty in you. And let’s not forget the wise words of the Sufi poet Rumi: “The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.

A beautiful Persian cat, even if the golden ratio says otherwise (photo by Franco Vannini via Flickr)

The 10 most “beautiful” cat breeds, according to the golden ratio:

  • Norwegian Forest (1.65)
  • Russian Blue (1.65)
  • Mannois (1.59)
  • Ragamuffin (1.67)
  • Siberian (1.67)
  • American curl (1.56)
  • Selkirk Rex (1.69)
  • Siamese (1.55)
  • Maine Coon (1.71)
  • Egyptian Mau (1.72)

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