California Environmental Laws and Policies Update – May 2022 #2 | Allen Matkins



Associated Press – May 10

According to a state pollution reduction plan released by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) on Tuesday. The roadmap puts the state on a path to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. The plan, developed by CARB staff and criticized by both environmental groups and industry, recommends that the state reduce oil and gas use by 91% by 2045 and use technology to capture and store carbon emissions from remaining sources. The personnel plan is not final; CARB members will ultimately decide whether to adopt or modify it following a public consultation process.

Ball Press Democrat – May 13

The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to deny Poseidon Water a permit to build a desalination plant to produce 50 million gallons of water a day in Huntington Beach. The longstanding Poseidon proposal has been backed by Governor Gavin Newsom, but has faced fierce opposition from environmentalists who have said that drawing large amounts of seawater and releasing Salty discharges into the ocean would kill billions of tiny marine organisms that form the base of the food chain. along a wide stretch of coast. Other reviewers said the water would be too expensive and not urgently needed in the area where it would be built, which is less reliant on state and federal water due to a vast aquifer and a water recycling program.

Ball Los Angeles Daily News – May 11

The state Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), which oversees the cleanup of the Santa Susana Dirty Terrain Laboratory near Simi Valley, announced a new agreement Monday with The Boeing Company to clean up its portion of the former site. “Rocketdyne”. A 2007 agreement DTSC reached with Boeing required the restoration by 2017 of contaminated water and soil at the site, where nuclear reactor accidents and rocket testing have left significant contamination. But this agreement was never honored or applied. Critics allege that this new agreement includes significantly lower levels of cleaning, which are less protective than the cleaning Boeing agreed to perform in 2007, but the DTSC disputes that claim.

Ball The Hill – May 12

The Biden administration on Thursday announcement it will provide $254.5 million for communities across the country to assess and clean up contaminated sites and position them for reuse. The funds will go to 265 communities through the EPA’s Brownfields program, including nine projects in California. 56 additional cleanup and redevelopment awards will be granted through the Revolving Loan Fund; 50% of these funds are donated to the government.

Ball The Desert Sun – May 9

Southern California’s desert water districts with aging or failing infrastructure won major federal funding on Monday, with more than $100 million allocated to upgrades to major dams and irrigation canals that will benefit the Coachella Valley and Imperial County. The projects are part of the $240 million awarded by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Fund.

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