Buyers with dry hair swear by Pattern Beauty’s Argan Oil Serum

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Designed for multiple hair types, Pattern Argan Oil Hair Serum has been formulated to strengthen, hydrate and condition hair. Its blend of argan, sunflower, castor, shea and apricot oils contains some of the most beneficial hair ingredients in the industry. As a reviewer from Ulta noted, “It’s a beautiful, light oil that’s very hydrating and unscented. It leaves my hair soft and shiny.”

To get the most out of your hair serum experience, Pattern suggests placing a few drops in the palm of your hand, then applying it evenly all over the hair. Your hair may be wet or dry during use.

Buyers of all ages and hair types have shared similar positive experiences with hair oil. A wavy, coiled-haired Ulta reviewer explained that the weather conditions in their hometown of Seattle often resulted in dry spots and frizz. After using Pattern’s serum they noticed a difference writing, “My hair is still so stripped on the day of the wash, so I use several pumps of serum on my scalp, then several pumps on my lengths after washing. . It’s so pleasant, and penetrates directly without a greasy feeling. “

An Amazon buyer with tight curls wrote that the serum gave hair “the perfect amount of shine without weighing it down” while an Ulta reviewer with multiple curl patterns said the serum left their hair and their hair thin. formerly dry scalp “feels unusually hydrated”.

While some serums can leave hair heavy or stuck in the product, Pattern’s blend was created to leave no residue. In addition, its blend of oils softens hair cuticles and prevents moisture loss.

As this buyer from Ulta warned, don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying the entire Pattern Beauty collection. Using the serum on their niece’s hair, they wrote: “I am completely blown away by the results. Her hair normally becomes tangled when you comb it. A typical day of washing and braiding takes about two hours … We were able to braid her hair in less than an hour. “

Fall for the serum for yourself and get yourself a bottle of Ulta or Pattern Beauty.

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