Bracelets bring kindness and motivation to students

At Roseau Valley School, students were surprised by motivational bracelets donated by mysteriously kind donors.

It turns out to be Monica French and Patience Bushby, two grade 7 students who spearheaded the initiative.


Monique French

It all started when Bushby kept leaving people letters, notes, and drawings of kindness and positivity to chance.

Eventually, Bushby revealed herself to her loyal accomplice Kim Miller and tagged her friend French during the ride.

When developing a plan to spread kindness to another level, the dream team decided to attach their positive messages to bracelets with inspirational quotes.

This idea came from last year’s mission to fundraise for the school canteen to provide lunch to students who forgot or needed lunch.

“They weren’t looking to sell the bracelets anymore,” Miller said.

“They were looking to brighten up each student’s day and let them know that someone was thinking of them.”

They pitched the idea to the great man himself, Principal Jason Mateychuk, who then gave their mission the green light.

Patience Bushby


Patience Bushby

“They had all the ideas, I just have Amazon on my computer,” Mateychuk said.

During the second semester at RVS, the girls with the support of the school distributed around 200 bracelets to the students – all anonymously.

“There was a girl almost in tears who said it was the nicest thing someone had ever done for her,” Mateychuk said.

“It was fun to be a mystery,” said French, who was already planning for next year.

“We’re going to try to get more members for this and our goal is to try to have one for everyone at school next time.”

Principal Mateychuk said these young women found a way to achieve this during COVID, which he is proud of.

“This is exactly what we need in children – empathy,” Mateychuk said.

“It was just great to see this positive energy in the school.”

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