Best Crypto Lending Sites 2022


Holding crypto is widely considered a good investment. But holding for the long term means you’re giving up money that you could use for day-to-day purchases or for alternative investments like stocks and real estate.

Crypto loans offer a solution. With the best crypto lending sites, you can use your digital currency holdings as collateral for a cash loan. Alternatively, many crypto lending sites offer interest-bearing accounts to investors who want to lend their tokens to others.

In this guide, we will review the 5 best crypto lending sites in 2022.

List of Best Crypto Lending Sites for 2022

We’ve tested dozens of crypto lending providers to bring you the 5 best crypto lending sites for 2022:

1. AQRU – Earn up to 12% APY by lending your crypto

2. – Borrow against 25 popular cryptocurrencies

3. BlockFi – Rates as low as 4.5% APR

4. Nexo – Earn and Borrow with Interest Rates up to 20% APY

5. YouHodlr – Borrow up to 90% LTV

Lending Platforms With Best Crypto Interest Rates Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at each of the best crypto lending sites so you can decide which one is right for you.

AQRU – Earn up to 12% APY by lending your crypto


AQRU is a new crypto lending platform that was launched in late 2021. It does not yet allow customers to borrow money against their cryptocurrency, but it offers an attractive interest-bearing account for crypto investors who wish to lend their parts.

With AQRU you can lend Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Tether and DAI. Interest rates for USDC reach up to 12% APY, or about 200 times the average savings account interest rate.


AQRU makes it incredibly easy to lend in multiple cryptocurrencies, creating a portfolio with different risk profiles and interest rates. You can deposit any cryptocurrency supported by AQRU, as well as fiat using bank transfer or debit card. It’s easy to swap between coins using AQRU’s integration with MoonPay and there are no additional fees to do so. There are also no deposit fees or withdrawal fees for fiat at AQRU.

Another thing to love about AQRU is that interest is paid daily. All loans offer flexible holding periods, so you can recover your crypto or reallocate your wallet at any time.

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Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and your investments are at risk. – Borrow against 25 popular cryptocurrencies

Looking for a trusted exchange to buy Bitcoin in 2022? offers both crypto loans and earning accounts for investors who want to lend their crypto.

With a loan, you can borrow up to 50% of the value of your cryptocurrency holdings. The platform accepts 25 of the most popular cryptocurrencies as collateral, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USDC, and more. Interest rates vary, but expect to pay at least 8% APR for most Bitcoin loans. also makes it easy for investors to lend crypto to others. The platform helps you earn interest up to 14.5% APY on 50 different coins. You can choose from flexible loans that you can withdraw at any time as well as lock-in periods of 1 and 3 months. Interest is paid weekly.

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Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and your investments are at risk.

BlockFi – Rates as low as 4.5% APR


BlockFi is another great crypto exchange in the UK for taking out a bitcoin loan. It offers some of the lowest crypto interest rates we’ve seen, with loans starting at just 4.5% APR for qualified borrowers. One good thing about BlockFi is that the platform does not charge prepayment penalties. So if you want to pay off your crypto loan sooner to save on interest charges, you can.

BlockFi also offers an earning account with interest rates of up to 8.75% APY. The selection of coins to lend and the interest rates are not as high as AQRU or, but BlockFi seems to be actively improving its offering in this space.

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Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and your investments are at risk.

Nexo – Earn and Borrow with Interest Rates up to 20% APY


Nexo is one of the most lucrative crypto platforms for investors who want to lend their crypto for profit. This DeFi platform offers interest rates of up to 20% APY with interest paid daily. You can lend over 30 coins, which makes Nexo extremely flexible for a wide variety of crypto investors.

Nexo also offers some of the best crypto loans we have come across. You can borrow against your cryptocurrency at 0% APR if your LTV is below 20% and you are a Nexo Gold or Platinum subscriber.

YouHodlr – Borrow up to 90% LTV


YouHodlr is unique among sites that offer crypto collateral loans in that you can borrow at a loan-to-value ratio of 90%. This means that if you own $100,000 of Bitcoin, you can borrow up to $90,000 in cash.

Comparison of the best bitcoin loan sites

We have put together a table comparing the best crypto lending providers so you can easily find the best crypto lending site for you:

best crypto lending site

How do crypto loans work?

Crypto loans allow you to borrow cash or cryptocurrency.

The majority of crypto loans today are designed for people who own cryptocurrency and need the money, but don’t want to sell. With a crypto loan, you can borrow against the value of your cryptocurrency holdings in fiat currency. When your loan is repaid, your cryptocurrency is returned to you.

Types of crypto loans

There are two different types of crypto loans: those that require crypto as collateral and those that you can get without any collateral. Let’s see how each type works.

Crypto collateral loans

Crypto-backed loans require you to have cryptocurrency to borrow money. All of the top crypto loans we reviewed offer Bitcoin secured loans.

With this type of loan, you place your cryptocurrency – the collateral – in an escrow wallet held by the loan provider. Once your loan is fully repaid with interest, your crypto is transferred back to you. If you are unable to repay your loan, the loan provider will retain your collateral as partial payment.

Unsecured Crypto Loans

Unsecured crypto loans do not require you to provide cryptocurrency or other assets to obtain a loan. Several platforms, including Goldfinch and Aave, offer collateral-free crypto loans. They use alternative information such as personal references and credit history to determine who is eligible for a crypto loan and how to set rates.

It is important to note that unsecured crypto loans have much higher interest rates than loans that require collateral. This is because the lender has little recourse if a borrower defaults. Thus, the financial risk for the lender is much higher than for a secured loan.

Crypto Flash Loans

Crypto flash loans are a type of instant, unsecured bitcoin loan. These loans are similar to traditional personal loans. There is no collateral required, no guarantees and very little background checks. Essentially, a crypto flash loan is an anonymous bitcoin loan.

Crypto flash loans usually have very high interest rates.

What cryptos can lend?

Cryptocurrency lending sites want to allow potential borrowers to use a wide range of coins as collateral because it allows more people to access crypto loans. At the same time, crypto lenders prefer coins that are less volatile and have high liquidity as collateral.

How to lend cryptocurrency

Ready to lend cryptocurrency? We will show you how to lend your crypto using AQRU:

Step 1: Register for AQRU

Go to and click Sign Up to create a new loan account.


Step 2: Make a deposit

AQRU accepts deposits free of charge by credit card, debit card, wire transfer or crypto.

To make a deposit

Step 3: Lend Crypto

You are now ready to lend your crypto.

Lend crypto

Are bitcoin loans safe?

The best crypto loans can be as safe as any traditional loan if you work with a trustworthy loan provider. Most major crypto lenders have millions of dollars in fiat and crypto assets on hand to survive defaults without pain for lenders or borrowers.

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Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and your investments are at risk.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency and NFTs are unregulated digital assets and are subject to market risk. The opinions expressed above are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion of the Hindustan Times or the Mint.


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