Beauty queen Nova Stevens calls on Michael Cinco, publicists amid war of words

Screenshots of Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens via Instagram on May 24, 2021

Miss Universe Canada Nova stevens urged her team to the contest and the Filipino designer Michael cinco to end their very public war of words launched on social media.

Cinco had already screamed scandal after the accusations of Stevens’ publicist MGMode communications on Instagram, alleging that the fashion designer’s team were trying to sabotage her entry into the contest.

In one of Stevens’ photos, MGMode Communications made a comment alleging that the Dubai-based designer had sent his designs “late” and they were believed to be “poorly suited” to the former contestant.

Cinco shared a screenshot of it in a lengthy statement on Facebook on Saturday, May 22. He denied the accusations and called Stevens, his team and the entire Miss Canada organization “ungrateful, vile and professional users.”

When the firestorm erupted online, the former beauty queen posted her side of the issue on Instagram the next day, May 23.

In the four-minute clip, Stevens lamented that a problem had arisen between them. After all, she is grateful to both parties who participated in her brief stint on the pageant scene.

“It really breaks my heart because I love you both so much and you’ve both helped me in so many ways that I can never imagine,” she said.

Steven then asked the MGMode and Cinco teams to stop fighting.

“I just want you to stop fighting. I want this to be taken in private. I don’t think you both deserve this. It’s unfair for all your hard work. I don’t want anyone to question your integrity, ”she said.

Stevens said she hopes audiences will remember how great they are, rather than their role in the ongoing controversy.

She also clarified earlier how Cinco and MGMode gave her the two “highlights” of her career.

MGMode and Philippine Airlines have given her the chance to be with her family in the midst of the pandemic, Stevens said.

In Cinco, meanwhile, Stevens expressed his admiration and gratitude for the dresses he designed for her.

“I never once imagined that I would work with you because you are Michael Cinco. The fact that I got to work with you is honestly a highlight of my career as Miss Universe Canada, ”she said.

“I just wanted you to know that this gratitude will never diminish no matter what. And I have expressed this gratitude in private and in public, ”she added.

Before the clip ended, Stevens also called on social media users to stop spreading “negativity.”

“Please don’t give in to the drama. It’s not worth the shot. Let’s no longer spread negativity. Let’s spread the love, ”she said.

Stevens initially deactivated his Instagram account over the weekend after Cinco said about it.

At the time of writing, his account was once again accessible.

Stevens first made local headlines earlier this month when she revealed that she had received racist and obnoxious comments from Filipino fans of the contest under some of her photos.

This time his name was also mentioned in Cinco’s counter statement against the Miss Canada team where he answered all of their accusations point by point.

Cinco also told them that next time they shouldn’t hire either him or any Filipino designer to showcase their outfits.

“Next time, don’t ask me or any Filipino designer to dress your candidates. Ask your Canadian designers to showcase their work on the world stage, ”he said.

“I don’t need you in my career and dressing your candidates won’t help my business. Stop taking advantage of my kindness and stop scamming Filipino designers, ”he added.

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