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Beauty: my game-changing shine sensors

There is a new generation of skin boosters that enhance glow without OD on shine

Often times when it comes to products created to add glow and even a little glow to the complexion, they are so loaded with that glow that when you apply them it feels like you are going to audition for. Love Island. And that’s never a look that I aim for.

However, there are a few recent launches in this category that I would highly recommend as they add just the right amount of glow and make your skin look great while remaining natural.

First, there is Versed Mood Lighting Drops (£ 14.99, These come in two shades: I like Sheer Golden, but there’s also Sheer Bronzed. This liquid beauty only gives skin a vague hint of color – enough to warm it up a bit, reduce paleness, and add life to any tone. The color is buildable as well – not exactly for a bold bronze or whatever, but you can keep adding for a little more gold. It also contains polyglutamic acid, an even more effective moisturizer than hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin an extra boost. You can use it on its own – I do – but it also works as a great primer for a foundation.

Then there is Vieve Skin Nova Instant Glow Primer (£ 27, The idea behind this is a similar hybrid approach: a dewy finish. However, this one comes in a pump metering tube, so if you’d rather not have to deal with a flowing liquid, this is for you. It has a more golden sun color, but it blends in perfectly when applied to the face and just gives a wonderful boost that makes you look fresher, brighter, and generally a bit better. This also comes with skin care benefits, in this case beta-glucan to hydrate; rose water not only for moisturizing, but also for calming and glowing, and niacinamide, which is good for the complexion. Again, use it on its own, as a base, or mixed with foundation.

Finally, there is Glossier Solar Paint Luminous Bronzer Crème (£ 17, It’s a little different from the two above because it’s a bronzer, but it’s a bronzer with one difference: it comes in a tube with a crowbar applicator (sponge tip), and the texture is like a light, whipped gel. I love its practicality, it’s so easy to use: just put a few dots of product at the hairline, going around under the cheekbone, along the jawline and adding a touch in the middle of the nose also – then blend with your fingers.


Old world charm? It’s in the bag

I’m always on the hunt for a gorgeous makeup bag and I have a pretty retro and romantic take on it. Yeah, I want them to be practical, but I also want them to be stylish, beautiful, and the kind of thing I would have seen my mom use when I was little – you know, that glamorous approach. old-fashioned essentials of a beauty routine.

So I was delighted to hear about this new collaboration between legendary British textile makers Colefax and Fowler and beauty brand Aerin (as in Lauder, the esteemed granddaughter of Estée). The range includes Colefax and Fowler’s classic Eloise print of hand-painted hydrangeas and includes this linen cosmetic bag (photo in large, £ 60, it is also available in small, £ 45) and a mask for them. silk eyes with a matching blanket (£ 90). Both are available now from Colefax and Fowler, 110 Fulham Road, London SW3; 020 7244 7427.

Adopt a greener life

One of my favorite body care and lifestyle brands is Green & Spring. It was founded by boutique hoteliers Jessica and Peter Frankopan of A Curious Group of Hotels (their portfolio includes The Portobello in London and Cowley Manor, the fantastic spa destination in the Cotswolds). They gave Green & Spring a new lease of life, relaunching it with even more sustainable packaging created from 100% reused consumer plastic, all fully recyclable and made in the UK. There are also hand painted candle jars (£ 35) which come with removable brand stickers so you can use them as mini storage jars after burning their last (£ 35).

I particularly like the new Revitalizing Exfoliating Body Wash (£ 22), which is made – like the rest of the body products – using aromatherapy oils. The rest of the line includes a body wash, body lotion, hand cleanser and cream, as well as a diffuser and disinfectant spray for the room and the surface, all of which are available in three scents. marvellous : Revitalize (peppermint, spruce and grapefruit); Relax (lavender, rosemary and marshmallow) and Restore (bergamot, orange zest and coriander).


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