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September 11 milestone anniversary and CD themes for art exhibition

“Belleza Y Tristeza”, which in Spanish means “Beauty and Sorrow”, is an acrylic painting by John Wullbrandt. It is part of the “Beauty and Sorrow” exhibition currently on display at the Palm Loft Gallery in Carpinteria.

“Beauty and Sorrow”, a CD by singer-songwriter Susan Marie Reeves, and the 20th anniversary of September 11, were the inspiration for a very special art exhibition by invitation, on display until October 25 at the Palm Loft Gallery in Carpinteria, according to owner Arturo Tello.

All mediums and art styles were eligible for submission, and any size was acceptable. But each track had to incorporate the theme of “Beauty and Sorrow” or one of the song titles from the CD: “Beauty and Sorrow”, “My Love Awaits”, “Tequila”, “Falling”, “Gone to Hawaii”, “Home on the Hill”, “Waiting”, “If I could dream again”, “Today is our day”, “Big blue sky” and “Sea of ​​love”.

“Once a year around this time, I host this ‘Making hay while the sun is shining’ show, but this year it started on September 11, the 20th anniversary of September 11, so that’s why I thought the theme of beauty and sadness was more appropriate, ”said Mr. Tello, a well-known local artist and co-founder of the Oak Artist Group.

“I have a theory that with all the violence and inhumanity in the world today, we also have all this beauty left.”

He also has a theory that many painters are frustrated songwriters like him.

“I started writing songs at the age of 50. I took an adult education class with Nicola Gordon, who introduced me to Susan Reeves,” said Mr. Tello, 66, at the News-Press. “Susan started playing guitar at the gallery and we decided that the songwriters should share their songs. There had to be a community of songwriters.

In 2010, he started hosting “Song Circles” at 7pm on Thursdays at the gallery.

“During the pandemic, we continued on Zoom. We never failed to meet, ”he said.

Arturo Tello, owner of the Palm Loft Gallery, spends time painting at Goleta Beach on January 3, 2020 in honor of Ray Strong (1905-2006). Each year on that date, Mr. Tello and the Oak Group of Santa Barbara, which he co-founded with Mr. Strong, come together to celebrate Mr. Strong’s birth.
Mr. Tello painted “Ray Day 2020”, a “Beauty and Sorrow” acrylic, on January 3, 2020, in honor of the late Ray Strong.

At the opening reception, Ms. Reeves performed songs from “Beauty and Sorrow” on her guitar and ukulele with Dennis Russell, Laura Hemenway, Lisa Macker, Carletta Erb, Mary J. Madden and Dan Phillips.

A painting of Ms. Reeves playing the guitar was done by Mary-Gail Green King.

Besides Mr. Tello and Ms. Reeves, other artists on the show are Oleg Bondarenko, Baret Boisson, Molly Burns, Chris Chapman, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Hemenway, John Iwerks, Ms. King, Lindy Kern (ceramics), Jennifer Love, Nancy Pearson, Ms Reeves, Rodolfo Rivademar and John Wullbrandt.

Arturo Tello, owner of the Palm Loft Gallery, painted this acrylic, titled “Tenacity Tree, Beauty and Sorrow”. He explained, “This is the marker tree of where my mother’s ashes were sent into the ocean.”
Laura Hemenway painted “Home on the Hill”, an acrylic painting.

When he’s not painting or taking care of the gallery, Mr. Tello takes care of walking Ruby, a rescued Pekingese Tibetan spaniel, and Leo, the cat named after the late songwriter Leonard Cohen, who has writes “Hallelujah” and Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist.

“Ruby insists on three walks a day and Leo only walks at night,” Mr. Tello said.

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“Beauty and Sorrow” is on view until October 25 at the Palm Loft Gallery, 410 Palm Ave., Loft A-1, in Carpinteria. The hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day by appointment only. For more information, visit www.palmloft.com.

The “Beauty and Sorrow” CD can be purchased at Palm Loft for $ 15 or online at susanmariereeves.bandcamp.com/album/beauty-and-sorrow-album.

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