Bajaria police arrest loan shark who beat man for non-payment of Rs 3k


Bajaria Police booked pawnbroker who beat 32-year-old man after he failed to repay Rs 3,000; the victim alleged that two police officers beat him inside the police station.

Photos of victim Geetesh Sahu have gone viral showing wound marks from severe beatings. The assault on the victim by two police officers in the police station at the behest of money lender Manish Agrawal surfaced on Sunday.

The victim said that on Saturday evening, two police officers from the Bajaria police station took him to the police station. Locked in the room here, he was beaten with a leash. After the beating, the police threatened him that if he complained to anyone, he would be involved in a fake case and sent to prison. After that, the family took him to Bajaria Police Station on Sunday morning.

The police registered a case against the accused Manish after doing the medical examination. Along with this, an investigation was also opened regarding the role of the police. Injury marks were also found on the victim’s body. SHO Bajaria Anil Maurya says the loanee assaulted the youngster.

According to reports, Gitesh works in a Jain hotel opposite Bhopal railway station. He said that after he lost his job three months ago, he borrowed Rs 3,000 from Manish Aggarwal and returned Rs 800. He was sitting at the hotel around 8pm on Saturday when Manish and Constable Manish from the Bajaria Police Station brutally beat him and threatened to implicate him in a bogus case.

Later, he was asked to accompany him to the police station where he was brutally beaten by officers Manish and JP. The gendarmes took out the strap of the flour mill kept inside the room and beat him until he lost consciousness. After that, the police released him.


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