Authorities Select 2 Sites for Oahu’s Red Light Cameras


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Drivers may want to be careful who exits their car.

Construction began at two Oahu intersections on Tuesday, Sept. 20 to install cameras that will cite the owner — not the driver — of vehicles running red lights.

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Both locations are along Vineyard Boulevard; One is on Palama Street and the other is on Liliha Street.

Officials collected data over the summer and said multiple drivers were running a red light each day at the Palama intersection.

“10 cars a day were running red lights, so we saw that’s an issue here, which is why we chose this intersection,” said Ed Sniffen, deputy highways director for the Hawaii Department of Transportation.

Construction is expected to take two to three weeks at each intersection.

“On Liliha, we are going to start this in October. It will take us another two to three weeks to finalize this installation, and then this area will also be operational,” Sniffen said.

The cameras – once they become active – will take a picture of the license plate if a vehicle crosses the stop line after the light turns red. The Honolulu police will then verify the location of the offense as well as the vehicle registration.

“And if the officer is satisfied that the burden is met, he will issue the citation, which will be mailed to the registered owner,” said Honolulu Police Traffic Division Maj. Ben Moszkowicz.

Officials said owners can still dispute the citation — as if their vehicle was stolen — since the cameras aren’t targeting the driver.

“We’re going to set up the process on our website so everyone knows how to appeal, what you can appeal and how to appeal,” Sniffen said, “we want to make sure this is fair for everyone. world, so if there are any extenuating circumstances, we’d love to consider that.

Each intersection will have a 30-day introductory period upon completion of construction. Warnings will be given instead of citations during this time. Quotations will start streaming after the introductory period ends.

“If you happen to lend your car to someone who runs a red light, you are responsible for that car if they park it illegally or get involved in a collision. So it’s not different, it’s kind of the same mindset,” Major Moszkowicz said.

A Liliha resident said his son drives his car on occasion but likes the idea of ​​putting safety first.

“You should be careful when taking the car! Everyone should know what I mean,” Mel Merritt said. “Everyone stay safe, everyone will be fine, right?”

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Officials have yet to confirm another 8 possible sites for these cameras, but said the Palama and Liliha sites will begin citing vehicle owners by the end of 2022.


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