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“Everyone at Gillette loved her,” Sheehan said of the late senator.

His colleagues in Washington too.

Enzi’s memorial service brought together the largest number of U.S. senators of any former senator’s memorial service, said Senator John Barrasso, a longtime colleague of Enzi. Senators and their staff packed three chartered planes to Wyoming.

“He was like the brother I never had,” Barrasso said.

The involvement of state and federal lawmakers was in part fueled by Enzi’s ability to build relationships across party lines.

Those present described Enzi as a generous and balanced lawmaker. He stressed his 80-20 rule: Politicians should focus on the 80% of things they agree on rather than the 20% where they are in opposition.

Former senator Mike Enzi dies after being injured in bicycle accident

Chris Spear, a close friend of Enzi, recalled one of the senator’s first experiences in Congress. Enzi approached Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., And asked him, “How can we work together? After that, Spear noted, the two remained close friends, forming a valuable two-party alliance.

State Representative Cyrus Western R-Big Horn pointed to the wide range of political beliefs of those present as a testament to Enzi’s ability to cross the aisle. Senator Amy Klocbuchar, the Democrat from Minnesota who ran for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination, sat a few rows in front of Western. Other Democrats and Republicans were seated nearby.

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