6 best anime video games for fan service

Are you looking to play a game that will ignite your senses on Cloud 9? Then this is your one-stop source for some of the best fan service games. If you are wondering what kind of games are we talking about, well, we are referring to games like Nekopara, Senran Kagura, QT project, Hunie Pop and more. Do you know them?

While it doesn’t get the kind of marketing that some of the other mainstream titles that ship (obviously), there’s a huge collection of titles you can search for and enjoy character development and a compelling story … or who are we kidding about the others. two, right?

However, some of the more popular ecchi games available right now include RPGs including Criminal Girls and visual novel types such as Sakura Spirit. Hence, many of them will require you to be at least 18 years old to play them.

So without further ado, here’s a nice roundup of some of the best fan service games for anime amateurs out there today:

1. QT project

Project QT (which is obviously a no-brainer) is a free-to-play Android game from Nutaku that features thrilling RPG combat, level-up heroes, and an obvious baggy dress policy apparently.

In the game, the story begins with an experiment gone horribly wrong in the Arctic that ultimately wiped out most of humanity due to a horrific virus being unleashed. Your job is to prevent the virus with some of the most powerful weapons in all of humanity; beautiful monster girls.

Players will go into battle with their girls in a world that blends turn-based combat and intriguing puzzles.

What’s interesting about Project QT is that it’s the first ecchi game from a Hong Kong-based developer.

To find out more about them and play their games, you can check their website.

2. Senran Kagura

In this game, you play the female students of two all-female institutions, one good and the other evil, with the intent of learning ninjutsu and beating them in combat. Yep, those are definitely something that would benefit the typical Japanese school fictional theme with a hint of Dragon Ball and Naruto.

However, the best part of this game is not the fact that you simply fight against other girls, but that the hidden and mystical forces of this game seem to slowly tear their clothes off the more you fight. So, if you’re someone who wants some punchy action with some raunchy material aside, this is your game.

3. Hunie Pop

Hunie Pop has acquired a reputation as a secret giant on Steam. Well, when you play as someone chasing beautiful girls around town 24/7, buy them gifts, and chat with them in bars, it makes sense.

Hunie Pop is a match-3 puzzle game that is part dating simulator, part puzzle game, features a few RPG elements, a visual novel aesthetic and also a lot of “storyline” if understand our drift.

There is also a bit of history, unless it’s just the “action” you’re looking for. In this game you play as a boy who manages to randomly catch a magical love fairy. And after you do that, the fairy offers to give you plenty of dating tips and lessons to try and woo several beautiful women in the game.

The game features 8 beautiful girls with unique personalities; 20 beautifully hand painted places; relaxing music; 250 unique pieces and much more.

4. CEO of the FAP

FAP CEO is an idle management game where you control a tycoon who provides adult video services to companies like LiveJasmin and Chaturbate. Your goal in the game is to manage the company to the point where new employees are hired

Female employees have their own different set of personalities where you can chat with them and learn more about them. Once that is done, you can advance further in your research to become more intimate with them.

You can also level up girls so they can earn more money for you. Arouse your employees and then get rich in the process. And then, when you’ve run out of your upgrades, you can sell your business, start over and make a bigger impression. Plus, you can unlock even more girls every time you sell your company.

5. Neptunia

If you want soul goddesses, then Neptunia will fill you with all the content of your heart. There are over four goddesses who act as consoles in the game overseeing their respective lands who took part in a console war.

These goddesses receive their power from the people who believe in them by manifesting themselves in the form of actions and will cease to exist without it. Now, while this game isn’t quite for adults, the skimpy clothing offers a commendable level of fan-service for gamers.

6. Catherine

Catherine is the only game on this list that is advertised commercially on all mainstream consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox. There are some of those sexy anime pieces and scenes, but it’s also a story-based game.

In this game, you play Vincent Brooks who is at odds with being addicted to his family and a possible ongoing marriage. Even though Vincent wants to extend his single life as long as he wants, he ends up in a relationship with two different types of women. One is the title character Catherine and the other is Katherine.

Katherine is one who wishes to have a serious relationship with Vincent while Catherine is a succubus – yes, I didn’t stammer about that. I mean, if the cover of this game hasn’t already revealed it, then you should know that this is an ecchi game. Unfortunately, simple words cannot do the game content justice, so what your eyes will experience I promise you.

Luckily, since it’s an Atlus game, expect plenty of creative puzzles to go along with even those lascivious scenes.

7. Nekopara

If catgirls are your thing, Nekopara has more than enough to meet your needs. There is also an anime version of the series, but you won’t necessarily find something that is overly perverted down there like in the game.

The game focuses on the main character who owns a pastry shop. However, there is a bit of a problem down the road; two cat girls have decided to sleep in bed with him. And since this is an ecchi game, you can expect a high order of cuteness as you bond with loads of hairy eared bitches along the way. After all, who wouldn’t want to be around someone who is both cute and fluffy?

This is our selection of ecchi games. We hope you enjoy playing it.

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