3 new sites with more than 4,000 accommodations in Oman


• Distribution target of 23,000 plots in 2022; 8,000 already distributed. Urban planning intended to balance the elements of development

• Draft laws on property development, unified addressing system and expropriation for public good completed

• 1,259 applications for housing assistance worth RO30 million submitted in 2021

• Four out of five plots went to women who represent 78% of the beneficiaries

• Reduction of the percentage of fees for land sale transactions from 5% to 3%

• The number of transactions reached more than 205,000 from 2021 to April this year, with a trade value exceeding RO3.2 billion

The government is close to completing the distribution of plots for 23,000 applications, Dr. Khalfan al Shueili, Minister of Housing and Town Planning, told Majlis Ash’shura members while revealing the ministry’s plans on Sunday. The minister highlighted several topics such as public housing and urban planning policies, a study of the reality of land reconstruction and partnership with the private sector. “The bills on property development, the law on the unified addressing system and the law on expropriation for public purposes have been completed. Work is underway to prepare a draft amendment to the property registration system, as well as the housing law and the town planning law,” he said, indicating that these will be referred to the Council of Oman.

The ministry also plans to expand the National Initiative for Integrated Residential Neighborhoods “Sorouh” by offering three new sites with more than 4,000 housing units. It also plans to offer 10 additional sites in the governorates this year.

Dr. Al Shueili said four out of five plots went to women constituting 78% of the beneficiaries, he noted. “The biggest problem is in Muscat, where there are more than 50,000 requests a year,” he said and added that Omani families deserved residential building land.

The minister’s statement covered five main areas: general housing and urban planning policies; a study on land reconstruction in the Sultanate of Oman; the objectives of the ministry during the period of the Xth five-year plan 2021-2025, the role of the ministry within the projects and programs of the vital sectors within the framework of the Xth five-year development plan 2021-2025; and private sector partnership projects for the co-operative housing system.

The Minister of Housing referred to Royal Decree No. 42/2021 regarding the granting of public land and the different opinions expressed by certain segments of society on its objectives. He said the ministry has dealt with these views by studying them objectively and sharing them with relevant authorities to find out the most important observations.

Regarding digital measures, Dr. Al Shueili said that the ministry has made significant progress in realizing digital readiness by launching several digital platforms, including the integrated service platform, Amlak; real estate development platform, Tatweer; Geographic Information Gateway Platform, Gio Oman; Internal matching system, Salasa and “Choose Your Land” service platform for granting residential land. The minister said, “The ministry is adopting several measures to provide integrated, timely, efficient and high-quality services. powers granted to general managers in all areas, review service fees and engineering procedures, strengthen the partnership with the private sector and develop unified service points.

“Tenders have been launched for the construction of new buildings for the general directorates of housing and urban planning in the governorates of Al Dhahirah and southern Al Sharqiyah,” he said.

He added that the ministry, in support of the real estate sector and as part of its plan to provide more stimulus packages, has reduced the percentage of fees for land sale transactions from 5% to 3%. As a result, the number of legal transactions reached over 205,000 from 2021 to April this year, with a trade value exceeding RO3.2 billion.

The ministry has also provided land in usufruct, most of which is earmarked for food security projects that achieve development goals, have qualitative value and add value. “The number of usufruct contracts has exceeded 9,000. The ministry is working to offer 430 usufruct plots with fixed fees for each object and 200 usufruct contracts through tenders, spread over all the governorates of the Sultanate of Oman. This contributes to achieving the objectives related to the economic sectors and is part of the government’s integration approaches aimed at sustainable growth in compliance with the frameworks set by the urban strategy,” he explained. .

In addition, one of the Ministry’s objectives is to distribute residential land according to an approved methodology that takes into account the gradation in the specified number of distributions to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the “Choose your land” platform after have established a link with the government concerned. agencies. “Against this background, the distribution of nearly 8,000 residential plots was completed in mid-June,” Dr. Al Shueili said.

The ministry has also studied and decided about 35,000 applications to prove and register properties from 2020 to April 2022, while more than 27,000 applications are targeted in the next phase.

“Among the achievements is the granting of 1,259 housing grants worth RO30 million in 2021. Recent royal orders to boost the housing grant scheme with RO70 million over the course of 2021. of the current five-year plan will cover nearly 2,800 applications and exempt 1,836 cases from housing loans, for a total amount of over RO33 million.

In addition, there are plans to expand the National Initiative for Integrated Residential Neighborhoods “Sorouh” by proposing three new sites for more than 4,000 housing units. There is also an initiative to bid on ten sites spread over the governorates during this year,” confirmed the minister.

He explained that due to the suspension of the housing assistance program since 2015 and in order to deal with the housing loan program, the ministry is seeking with the authorities concerned to agree to transfer the program to the Housing Bank of ‘Oman to facilitate the process of deciding on applications. The department confirmed that applicants retain the right to seniority and registration checks and that the government will continue to support this scheme.


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