3 mom failures that cost me money


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Sometimes parents fall at work.

Key points

  • Like any parent, I am far from perfect and some parenting mistakes have cost me more than others.
  • Forgetting about fancy dress school days, birthday parties, and automated deliveries caused me to spend more than I expected.

I wasn’t really familiar with the concept of mother failure until I became a parent and realized that I had opened the door to countless opportunities to mess up. To be fair, juggling parenthood and a full-time job isn’t that easy, so I guess I’m allowed the occasional bullshit. But some of my mom’s failures have cost me money over the years, and that’s something I’m not proud of – especially since increasing my savings account has long been one of my big goals.

Here are a few incidents where I dropped the ball as a parent – ​​and spent more money than necessary because of it.

1. Don’t cancel automatic diaper deliveries

Years ago, when my twin girls were babies, I signed up to have several cases of diapers delivered by Amazon each month. I used the Subscribe and Save option, which allowed these mailings to go out automatically.

Later, when my daughters were 2 years old, I decided to potty train them. And I was so focused on it – and celebrating my victory when it actually worked – that I neglected to cancel my diaper subscription. About a week later, a bunch of massive boxes landed on my doorstep, and there I was with about $100 worth of diapers that I couldn’t use or return. Mom fails.

2. Skip themed fancy dress days at school

Schools are very fond of themed dress up days these days – for example, dress up in an 80s outfit for the 80th day of school or wear a brown shirt for Earth Day. Some of these theme days require you to shop in advance, that is, when you remember.

I have a tendency to do not remember those days of disguise – namely, because I have other things on my mind that take priority. And so instead of being able to order a cheap costume from Amazon, I had to run to the nearest clothing store at the last minute and pay double or triple so my kid wouldn’t be the only kid in the class. without a themed outfit. Mom fails.

3. Forget birthday parties

I try to RSVP my kids to a birthday party in a timely manner, and I’m generally good at putting these events on my calendar. What I’m not good at, though, is remembering to buy presents for my kids’ friends. And so what’s happened in the past is I’ve had to run out and buy a gift card because I didn’t have a toy to wrap, which is almost always a more expensive option. Mom fails.

Nobody’s perfect, and as a parent, I really try to let myself go. None of these mom failures had a negative impact on my kids, but they did have a negative effect on my wallet. And so I share them in hopes of not only preventing other parents from falling into similar pitfalls, but also inspiring me to pull myself together – or at least avoid similar mistakes in the future.

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