11-year-old cancer patient who was bullied online surprised by kindness

ALBANY, NY (WTEN) – An 11-year-old girl with cancer experienced a different kind of pain than online bullies, but her family and friends made sure kindness prevailed.

Anna Labella has been battling bone cancer from Ewing’s sarcoma since 2019. Her cancer returned in March.

“The chemotherapy is unresponsive and his tumors have grown to his skull. We’ve started a new diet, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed, ”said Jessica Labella, Anna’s mom.

In isolation, she created TikToks to help pass the time. Unfortunately, the bullies laughed at her for not having hair.

“We showed the hairbrush the next day and said, ‘This is his hairbrush. She’s going to rock him when she grows her hair back after fighting this battle with cancer, ”said Jessica Labella.

Anna’s mother wanted to cheer her daughter up, so she planned a surprise. She told her daughter that they were just going for a walk in the hospital. Then Anna was shocked to see hundreds of people from her hometown of Ilion, New York, near Syracuse, gathered outside the hospital to see her.

An organization called Fight All Monsters and others cheered holding signs with words of encouragement. Through the window of her hospital, Anna was smiling from ear to ear.

“It was great because I didn’t get to see my friends and family a lot,” Anna said.

Her friends and family wanted to let her know that she was not alone. His sixth-grade math teacher, Jody Balash, drove an hour and a half to see his student – and more.

“Our two teachers went on a crane to see me. Mrs. Balash was afraid. It was amazing to see that, and it was heartwarming, ”said Anna.

Said Balash, “I just wanted to see her and the smile on her face. I just wanted it to happen again.

Anna and her family say love and support make all the difference.

“Thank you very much. We love each of you and appreciate all of your support. What the community is doing for Anna is amazing and it really drives her to fight,” said Jessica Labella.

Anna’s mother says her daughter’s generous nature is unmatched. Even while battling cancer, she still takes the time to fundraise for the hospital.

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