1000 acts of kindness: incredible big-hearted Britons who are the heroes of containment

Acts of Kindness – The Voice of the Mirror

Today we celebrate the best of this country.

This special edition of The Mirror is our way of saying thank you to people who go out of their way to help others.

They are the unsung heroes and heroines of the United Kingdom. These are the volunteers, charity workers and fundraisers.

They are Cub or brownie leaders, local sports team coaches, caregivers, waste pickers and community gardeners.

These are the people who work in food banks, volunteer with WI, and run youth clubs.

During the pandemic, they shopped for their neighbors, delivered food to hospitals and helped sew masks and scrubs for frontline workers.

They ran Zoom fitness classes for those who protect, collected prescriptions, raised funds for key workers, and helped roll out immunization.

In today’s newspaper we draw attention to a thousand people who have made a difference, but there are hundreds of thousands more who also deserve our thanks and praise.

Between them, their little acts of kindness helped make Britain a better place.

There is a temptation to fall for the idea that the country has never been so divided, that communities are crumbling and people have become more selfish.

The reality is, people don’t just rub shoulders, they actively look out for each other.

Yes, there are significant problems in the UK due to widespread deprivation, inequality of wealth and increasing crime.

The Mirror will never hesitate to demand action to create a fairer and more secure society.

But we also want to tell the other story of this country, a story too often overlooked.

It is a nation of caring, generous and caring people who are passionate about improving their borough, city or village.

It’s the school kids who fundraise for food banks by selling cakes or the volunteers who clean up litter on the beach or the local football or boxing coach who has changed the lives of hundreds of children.

These local heroes can be found across Britain, from Cornwall to Caithness.

They are the glue that unites their neighborhoods and, through their kindness, give people hope and happiness.

And they remind us that despite all the problems this country has, it is filled with good people of whom we should be proud.

Too often, these acts of goodwill have gone unnoticed. Today we say thank you a thousand times.

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