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During the month of August, Northridge Christian Church worked to proclaim God’s love for the community of Milledgeville in 1,000 different ways.

Pastor Kristin Meier said the Church’s 1,000 Acts of Kindness initiative arose as leaders began discussing how Northridge could be known as a church that shows the love of Jesus where its members, or partners, live, work and play.

“The idea of ​​really making intentional efforts to invest in this community was brought up, and once we got the idea it became very clear that there were a lot of different areas that we could focus on. on the blessing, ”Meier said.

Each Sunday in August, the church focused on a certain group within the community that it could bless and pray for. The campaign began on August 1 when the church donated 120 backpacks filled with school uniforms to school communities in Milledgeville / Baldwin County.

“It had a big impact in our community,” said CIS program coordinator Courtney Bentley of the donation. “Because we serve all public schools, we are always looking for ways to get resources. So the partnership with Northridge Christian Church was a way for us to increase our offering so that we could reach more students in our community.

The church also recognized the educators by inviting all teachers in Baldwin County and beyond to attend the service on August 1 and blessing them each with a $ 25 gift card.

On August 8, Northridge supported Chard Wray Food Pantry by collecting food items in “bumper bags”. Church members had the opportunity to bring a bag of pantry items and leave them on their bumpers while they attended church service, and elementary students picked them up . Meier said around 200 bags were collected that day.

On August 15, the church began working to promote local businesses.

“We know that local business owners are the heart of our local economy, and we wanted to shine a light on a few,” Meier said.

Four local businesses were featured via Facebook posts, and people who liked and shared the posts entered sweepstakes for $ 25 gift cards every day of the week.

On August 22, a dollar club was sponsored where church members were asked to bring in $ 1 donations for the Baldwin High School Resource Room, a place where students can go to obtain basic necessities such as hygiene items and food.

“This will be one way to help them be well supplied for the school year,” Meier said.

The campaign will end on Sunday with a special breakfast for first responders with gift cards presented to them during the church service.

In addition to the planned activities, the church also encouraged members to do random acts of kindness throughout the community and to educate leaders so that they can be counted in the 1,000 cumulative acts. They can do this in a number of ways, such as cutting a neighbor’s grass, cooking someone a meal, or paying for the person’s coffee in the car behind them in the drive-thru.

“It’s another way we hope to engage our community knowing that we can really turn things around by doing little things with a lot of love,” Meier said.

Although the planned activities end in August, Meier said the hope is that these random acts of kindness will simply become a way of life.

“We want this to really become the culture of our church,” she said.

Meier said Northridge Christian Church believes in transforming community through outreach.

“We think we are blessed to be a blessing, so we really take these values ​​into account when we think about how we show love in Milledgeville.”

Spreading a little joy along the way is a bonus.

“It is my belief that the church should be the happiest place on Earth,” Meier said. “I think we should be the ones who really lead the charge of spreading love, of showing kindness, and not for people to see us, in ourselves, but for people to see Jesus and see how he loves. . This is our ultimate goal.

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