10 things Kalamazoo County is funding with federal stimulus money


KALAMAZOO, MI – The first round of Kalamazoo County stimulus funding allocations, totaling more than $25 million, will be distributed to 54 organizations that have applied to receive funding in the initial categories, according to the county administration. .

Spending awarded so far includes money for housing, a behavioral health initiative, dam upgrades, computer software, food programs, and more.

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Here’s a look at 10 items that received funding from county stimulus funds:

• The Kalamazoo County Drainage Commissioner’s Office received the requested $2.5 million to make necessary upgrades to the Sunset Lake Dam. Because the dam is in a key area of ​​the Village of Vicksburg, it is imperative that the dam be maintained so that the lake can continue to be used as a source of general recreation, including for the general public of Kalamazoo County. , indicates the request. . Maintaining the dam also benefits public health, safety and welfare by preventing potential dam failures that could adversely affect neighboring properties and those downstream, the plaintiff said.

• Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services received $500,000 to update software used for the Land Water and Wastewater program as well as the Food Safety and Facilities program. New software will allow the agency to be web-based. A public interface would allow customers to view restaurant reports and information about wells and septic tanks, the plaintiff said.

• The county allocated $1 million to PGJ Development LLC to help fund the construction of senior housing at 530 S. Rose St. The plaintiff said it was unable to close the financing and begin construction of the development to provide 64 new affordable seniors housing units in the city of Kalamazoo. “We are requesting this funding to help close the funding gap we currently have in this agreement that is preventing us from being able to develop 64 much-needed affordable seniors housing. The funds will be allocated to the construction costs of the project,” the group’s request states.

• Top award in the public health category was $2 million awarded to Integrated Services of Kalamazoo to build an 8,047 square foot Behavioral Health Urgent Care and Access Center at 418 West Kalamazoo Ave.

• Kalamazoo County acquired the Woollam Reservation (the former Rota-Kiwan Scout Camp) in 2020. The county awarded $500,000 to match private grant funds to complete Phase 1 improvements that will the opening of the park and will offer the opportunity for programming for young people. The funds will allow youth programs for low-income families in Kalamazoo County to use and benefit from the Woollam Reservation. Improvements include a new playground, upgrades to existing programming buildings, restroom improvements, parking and road improvements, demolition of structures that will no longer be used, perimeter fencing of the property, trail improvements and ADA improvements.

• The Kalamazoo County Parks and Fairgrounds Center received $620,500 for the Boiler, HVAC and Chiller Replacement Project at the Fairgrounds and Lodging Tax Loss Replacement. In 2020 and 2021, the Kalamazoo County Parks & Expo Center lost this amount of revenue as a direct result of COVID’s collection of the Kalamazoo County Lodging Tax, according to a review of applications by members of the Board of Commissioners.

• The Kalamazoo County District Attorney’s Office requested and received $417,000 for two victims’ advocates. The office currently has eight victims’ advocates who provide services to the county in more than 7,000 criminal cases. Victim advocates provide emotional assistance to victims of crime while helping them navigate the justice system and heal from the trauma they have experienced, according to the app. Funding is needed to replace grant funds that were suddenly discontinued (effective October 1, 2022) by the state/federal government, the application states.

• Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Kalamazoo received $1 million in stimulus funds. In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LISC Kalamazoo created the Small Business Relief Program to build a pool of capital to support underfunded businesses, especially minority-owned small businesses, to women and veterans, prioritizing businesses located in low- to middle-income neighborhoods. LISC has identified the need to continue this program to deepen support and help businesses rebuild from the effects of the pandemic. The organization has requested money to create a new small business relief pilot fund to be invested over the next three years, fueled by local government, philanthropic and private sources. The “Small Business Relief 0% Interest Loan Program” fund will expand LISC’s countywide footprint for small business investments and consist of 0% interest loan dollars, which will be invested by LISC and key community partners in Borrowers to keep small businesses open and operating in Kalamazoo County during the COVID-19 recovery period. Capital raised to seed the 0% interest loan pool will be recycled and redeployed to eligible businesses during the fund period and/or can be forgiven without harming the business if the loans do not perform as expected, says Requirement.

• Milestone Senior Services received $748,858 to support the portion of Senior Services’ New Home, New Hope fundraising campaign that aims to build capacity at our Kalamazoo facility by updating its commercial kitchen and providing a shared space. updated for Meals on Wheels volunteers. The requested funds will support the following: 1) a new disposal system, dishwasher, sink heater, oven, walk-in freezer and refrigerator, insulated food rack, kettle and other equipment of the kitchen ; 2) a Meals on Wheels canopy to improve the efficiency of meal distribution and keep volunteers away from the various elements that occur throughout the year.

• The Southern Michigan Food Bank received funding of $1,486,142 to cover the cost of purchasing additional food to meet demand caused by food insecurity as well as replacing a broken truck to deliver food. food to partners in Kalamazoo County, the request says.

The county board has received requests for funding beyond the amount available to the county, Chairman Mike Quinn said.

In May 2021, Kalamazoo County received $51,485,963 in stimulus funding to be used through 2026.

The commissioners formed six subcommittees to review nominations and allocate funds to be used for each subcommittee of the county’s remaining ARPA award balance of approximately $39 million. These six subcommittees included compensation for essential workers, adverse economic impact, delivery of government services, public health, services to disproportionately affected communities, and water, sewer or broadband.

The remaining three subcommittees, Essential Worker Premium Pay, Services for Disproportionately Impacted Communities and Water, Sewer, or Broadband have met and are in the process of certifying their recommendations to Council at their September meetings, the county said.

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