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One of the benefits of working in real estate is being able to choose from a variety of income-generating business models. Whether you’re a brand new agent or an old dog interested in learning new tricks, your real estate license can open up new opportunities for personal and financial growth.

Read on to learn about 10 things you can do in real estate to make money besides being an agent or broker.

Jobs requiring a real estate license

Here are the jobs that require a real estate license to start.

1. Commercial and retail leases

As a commercial rental agent, your clients are a business rather than an individual or family. Commercial real estate lease negotiations can take much longer to finalize than a residential transaction, but lease agreements are longer and more lucrative in most cases.

2. Sales trainer/coach

A real estate coach helps clients improve their business through encouragement and goal setting. Your experience in real estate and in life can help and inspire others to achieve their own personal goals.

3. Advisor

Property advisors provide professional advice on construction and investment opportunities. There are no state requirements to become a real estate consultant, but having experience and a real estate license is a must.

4. Teach Real Estate Courses

Teaching real estate can be incredibly rewarding. Requirements vary depending on where you intend to teach. To become a real estate instructor, you will likely need to have industry-specific experience as well as previous classroom experience.

5. Freelance writer, blogger, influencer

If you have a background in real estate and a passion for writing, you could be successful as a freelance writer or influencer. If you are an expert in a certain field, use it to your advantage and become the go-to niche creator.

Real Estate Jobs That Don’t Require a Real Estate License

If you don’t have a real estate license but want to throw your hat in the real estate ring, we’ve found five gigs that don’t require a real estate license to start with.

1. Notary

A notary public serves as an impartial witness to official acts called notarizations or notarial deeds. When a lender closes a mortgage, a signing notary agent will verify the identity of all parties involved in the transaction and ensure that the loan documents are processed correctly.

2. Appraiser

Properties the appraiser assesses the value of a property based on home features, location, land, and recent sales of similar homes in the area. Although a real estate license is not required to become an appraiser, most states have a tiered licensing system that real estate appraisers must follow.

3. Photographer

There is no formal training for real estate photographers. Many photographers start by taking a course at their local community college or community center. You will need to invest in the proper equipment and learn how to use it effectively in the field to be successful.

4. Rental Analyst

Leasing analysts coordinate lease agreements for the company providing the lease and the tenant. In residential and commercial real estate, a lease analyst will track the expiration of lease agreements, manage disputes with tenants, and ensure payments are made in accordance with the lease.

5. Real Estate Paralegal

A real estate paralegal works alongside a real estate attorney to help the firm’s clients complete their real estate transaction efficiently. Many paralegals begin their careers by completing a 2-year paralegal program and internship.

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