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'Tailored Suit Femme' 3rd 'MIX & MATCH' EVENT

'Tailored Suit Femme' 3rd 'MIX & MATCH' EVENT


We're happy to inform you that our 3rd mix and match item, 'Tailored Suit Femme'

This is a Mix and Match Event of major items of Freedom Teller 'Tailored Suit'
During the event time, our customers can select each individual pieces as they want to create a suit set.

Please select desired items and colors from the drop down options.
A jacket is required but a skirt, pants and coat are optional.

* In options, Stripe Double Jacket / Skirt - Shocking Pink / Lady's coat - Black could possible to order during only this event time.

* Shipping will proceed as ordered sequence.

You could order during only this time:

2015. 11. 20 ~ 12. 25


* Stocking and Muffler are special gift who order the event jacket. Please select your desired item from the drop down menu. We will ship with it in free for you.

* If you have color/size preference for necktie gift item, please leave us a memo in the order sheet. If not specified, we'll send it at random~

Thanks for your interesting and love.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 19 novembre 2015 (© Freedom Teller / Flickr)

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