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The Mini Parade So you see hope in them ? Streisand-esque SMILEY It is very important after all I am supposed to be happy !! Female Volunteers FLIGHT of the baby LION The Sleeping Guardian in the heart of the old medina. Omnia Sami Ibrahem, Egypt Another story will be starting The fascination of LIGHT Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan In the ZONE Sweet Gift of Ramadan Children of the lesser Gods Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Maulana Iyas Qadri Village elder The Unsuspecting Photographer FARISHTA Delivering relie in Houla, Homs Ramadhan supplies being delivered in Ghouta, Syria A family in besieged Ghouta assisted with food provisions Focus on the rain Possessions The Three Quarter Smile minarets and canopies
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