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DSC_1126 Project 365; #174 X2P12512rw1f Project 365; #172 Putu Piring Putu Bambu Sweet or savoury? Ramadan Kareem This woman went all the way to Finsbury Park to visit the mosque where worshipers were attacked after prayer.She is in tears as she speaks to the Imam happy ramadan Paterson, New Jersey Singapore girl Drinks stallholder Ramadan lights 🌙⭐️ Paterson, New Jersey Balance ⚖️ Street of Hyderabad in the Holy month of Ramadan. Sultan Ahmed Mosque Angry and emotional resident says aid effort for Grenfell Tower victims is in vain because they are all dead and no one will admit it, least of all the authorities. When Ramadan visits Damascus Hello Ramadan! Ramadan Kareem Kuwait Opera House Kuwait City Skyline A far-right leader protests about Islam outside a mosque - while those inside do all they can to help the victims of the Grenfell fire.👆 Kuwait City at Night - Kuwait Towers
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