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A shot from inside Masjid Nabawi,Al-Madinah Ruelle dans la Casbah d'Alger Vue sur Alger depuis la Haute Casbah Masjid Nabawi_Madinah_222fb Masjid Nabawi_Madinah_231fb Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 TC-JSL What do we see when we look forward to 2017? I am also horrified by the situation in Syria JOY Malaysia Mosque Hagia Sophia and New Mosque Istanbul Would you let me in to America (if I would like to)? BLOODLINE USAID Eid al-Fitr Reception Midnight Galata Tower Istanbul The Walking Garments Factory These are the Rohingya refugees Caught Napping A beutiful view of the Arches inside Masjid Nabawi Holy Quran Inside Masjid Nabawi. Meharab of the Holy Prophet's Mosque A roof top shot from Masjid Nabawi. Roof top Masjid Nabwi A shot from inside Masjid nabawi during the Prayer, Holy Kaaba Are you taking a photo of me? 20Août Stadium By Night USAID Eid al-Fitr Reception USAID Eid al-Fitr Reception Beauty can hide anywhere, everywhere....
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