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MD_RM_A_0000_14 Holy Prophet's Mosque in Madinah. A shot from the Eastern side Bar and restaurant with islamic mural paintings, Harari Region, Harar, Ethiopia Bab Asalam,The Holy Prophet's Mosque Water spraying fan Holy Quran inside Masjid Nabawi Qur'an reading inside Masjid Nabawi An evening shot near Southern wall Morning shot from Masjid nabawi. A silhouette shot - Masjid Nabawi Electronic Umbrella,Madinah Light stand from piazza A shot from the South-East side Minaret of Holy Mosque Roof top Masjid Nabawi. silhouette shot,North West side A shot from the Eastern side Green Dome refection. Meharab of the Holy Prophet's Mosque Open holy Qur'an, Masjid Nabawi. Bab Malik Fahd,Masjid Nabawi
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