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Y'Shanti's new body

Y'Shanti's new body

I got an nYID body in brown tan for my EID Asa head because the EID body was too big and I want the bronze Granado for my custom Impl Azalea head which will come at Some Point in Time. I really like the nYID body, it's cute and well-sized, though for the head I think the SID body would have worked best. Oh well! She's a little Polynesian woman, so I think it works pretty well!

The lady I got the body from stopped collecting BJDs for fashion dolls, and it shows: the body liked to instantly pop into all kinds of model-esque poses. *L*

I love the nYID hands!

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 23 mars 2016 (© chalyss / Flickr)

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